Training, Development & Early Childhood Consultancy Services

In line with the philosophy of Empowered Services, our aim in the area of providing consultancy within the Early Childhood Industry is to stay true to our vision of "Empowering Educators to Empower Children".

Empowered Consultancy Services take on a personalised approach, ensuring we meet with the Owners, Nominated Supervisors, Managers, Directors and Educators in the first instance to ascertain the needs at the various levels allowing us to accurately identify the overall requirements, then work towards setting some specific goals to enable us to meet the outcomes at the service.

Our strength lies in - Identifying Service Gaps, Developing Professional Development Plans, Business Development, Tailored In-service Training, Mock Assessment visits, Reports on Procedures and Practices and working with the team to build collaborative partnerships.

Empowered strongly believe in networking and developing professional relationships within the industry. We promote collaboration to ensure our Educators and Children all receive the best support, guidance and advice to allow them to thrive.
In saying this we do have our preferred list of specialists we refer to which we feel gives your service the best possible advice and support in other areas such as ; Payroll & Accounting, Policy Development, Workplace Safety, Health, Fitness & Well being, Team Dynamics, Management & Programs for Children.

If you would like to know more please send us an email and we will be in touch to discuss your needs -

Through others we become ourselves - Lev Vygotsky