Empowered FDC and Educators Services ensure practices comply with all relevant legislation, quality standards and industry code of ethics. By ensuring our policies and procedures are evident in our service delivery we will continuously improve our programs, leadership and management practices through welcome feedback and input from all parties associated with the service.

Our role is to monitor the day-to-day operation such as; children having rich learning environments and access to educational programs and resources, parents’ fees being up-to-date and all parties adhering to Empowered FDC’s policies and procedures.

Effective partnerships with our Regulatory bodies, ACECQA, Family Day Care Australia and other industry stakeholders are central to the provision of high quality education and care for children. EFDCS use their memberships with other organisations such as ECA, FDC QLD, ECW and Workforce Council to ensure that access to professional training and valuable resources are available to their educators.

The partnerships within our service are based on trust and are demonstrated by open and honest communication that is respectful of, and sensitive to, cultural or other differences. The privacy and confidentiality of all children, families, parents, staff/Educators, students and volunteers involved with the Service is imperative.

As advocates of our industry we proudly support other professional organisations and groups being acknowledged as Early Childhood Professionals in our field. 

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Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten - B F Skinner