Our Team

Our team is committed to helping their Educators to achieve their goals and support and promote ongoing learning and development, a major component of the philosophy of EFDCS.

With over 25 years experience as an Early Childhood Professional the Managing Director/Approved Provider has worked in Family Day Care, In Home Care, Long Day Care, Industry Management and Child Protection Services, providing a solid foundation and sound working knowledge of the ever-changing needs of the early childhood industry.

EFDCS staff take great pride in their roles and act as positive role models promoting a strong philosophy of ongoing learning and education. To ensure we provide the best support possible to our Educators, families and children our team members are selected based on their skills, knowledge, experience, qualifications and overall dedication to the Family Day Care Industry.

We understand the need for our staff to be familiar with the diverse needs of families and children and the importance of keeping abreast of the requirements necessary to adequately support and mentor fellow staff and Educators who are part of EFDCS Service.

I am not a teacher, but an awakener - Robert Frost