Empowered FDC Educator's Testimonials

  • Helen, Empowered FDC Educator - Sunshine Coast


    Helen's Service Philosophy - Helen's Home, Early Learning was created to provide quality early education and care that promotes the importance enhanced learning outcomes for children. We believe that children deserve to grow and play in beautiful spaces of inspiration and imagination, to foster learning in a calm, creative and happy environment. Our learning experiences and invitations to play are designed to nurture each child’s individual strengths and support their capacity to develop a mindful, positive and confident self-identity. We value creative expression to promote lifelong skills to socialise, collaborate and negotiate with others. 

    Why do you love being part of the Empowered FDC Community?  Empowered FDCS applies the valuable documents and philosophy of the Early Years Learning Framework for the children in our care. They also use this beautiful framework within their professional culture with their Educators. They consider us all to be ‘Life, Long Learners’ and are collaborative in their approach to our needs and the needs of children and families within the service.

    The opportunities extended to us as professionals, guide our practice and supports our business to be considered as exceptional Education and Care Providers. Their passion in supporting us to be the best and most professional Early learning advocates to educate and care for very important people in our community which is what I love about being and Empowered Educator. Over all the collaboration and a respected voice in professional conversations and networking opportunities to contribute to the scheme as a team is what EFDCS offer that I haven't received or seen elsewhere.

  • Valeska - Toowoomba, FDC Educator since 2006 - Diploma

    Valeska - Toowoomba

    Valeska's Service Philosophy - At Little Beginnings FDC we believe that all children should be nurtured in a safe and happy environment, being treated equally regardless of religion, culture, gender or abilities. I believe in providing an environment that promotes a healthy self-esteem and allows children to meet their individual goals and achieve learning outcomes. As an Early Childhood Educator I must consider each child’s physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs. I do this through the planning of an age appropriate curriculum using the Early Years Learning Framework, this allows me to identify each child’s developmental needs & set goals to achieve these. I value my relationships with families and trust that working in partnership and having open communication supports the children to learn and grow in my environment.

    Favourite Quote - "Please excuse the mess, but the children are learning and making memories"

    Why do you love being part of the Empowered FDC Community?  I love being part of the Empowered team because all the educators are really supportive of each other. I love being an Empowered FDC Educator because the team organise a lot of events for the educators and the children, making our role as an Educator more engaging and enjoyable.

    We have organised Professional Development & Educator Network sessions each month where we all get to meet up with the EFDCS team and other Educators giving us the opportunity to collaborate and share our ideas and experiences.

    I believe that what EFDCS offer that I haven't seen or received elsewhere is that they are very, very organised and very supportive, and if you have a problem someone will always call you back and assist you as soon as they can.

  • Janelle & Craig Toowoomba, FDC Educator since 1994 - Diploma & Cert III

    Janelle & Craig Toowoomba

    Janelle & Craig's Service Philosophy - We believe that all children are competent, resourceful, and involved, and therefore be given the opportunity to develop in all areas, at their own pace, through play. We believe that children need strong relationships with each other, with adults, and with others in the wider community. We believe that children’s well-being is important, including their social, emotional, and physical needs. We know that children who are confident in themselves and their environment can explore and problem solve, resulting in them achieving more, both developmentally and emotionally. 

    Favourite Quote - "I never teach my pupils.  I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn" Albert Einstein

    Why do you love being part of the Empowered FDC Community?  The Service focus is on "Educators first" not on "Children first" because they recognise that if they focus on encouraging and assisting the Educators then the Educators are able to focus on putting the children first. The Service is involved in many community activities, support charities and events with the focus being on "keeping things local". Empowered is a boutique service where we are all able to get to know each other. All team members and Educators are treated as equals, working together to produce better outcomes for the children, with no hierarchy or "them and us" mentality.

    We, as Educators, feel valued by the Empowered team. We are part of a happy team who are working together and encouraged to offer our thoughts, opinions and inputs and these are taken into consideration and not just given lip service. If any of these "ideas" are to be implemented, they are done so virtually straight-away. Support is available 24/7 with prompt responses. We are encouraged to question anything and EFDCS are willing to explain why things can or can't be done or how they work. The Service supports the Educators to meet regulatory requirements through their very comprehensively written "Compendium" and is always ready to further assist Educators if they have any problems.

  • Sharon Moreton Bay , FDC Educator since 1994 - Bachelor of Teaching

    Sharon Moreton Bay

    Sharon's Service Philosophy - At Sharon’s FDC we value open communication and positive partnerships which are respectful and transparent. I believe that it is essential for children to develop problem-solving, communication and life skills, crucial tools for our young children to learn Adopting a play based curriculum which has flexibility and consistency factors embedded into our routines are extremely important to help our children learn through play. Offering opportunities to explore surroundings, build connections all the while fostering individual self-worth and help skills, provides children with the ability to make sense of their surroundings and to continue to evolve as they move onto their school years. As a Bachelor qualified Early Childhood Teacher the importance of a well-rounded program which is guided by intentional teaching practices, children’s interests, meeting developmental milestones and parent input is paramount.

    Why do you love being part of the Empowered FDC Community?  I have been a Family Day Care Educator for almost 25 years and in that time I have seen many changes to the industry. Regulations and Standards have been tightened, as they should, as we are providing a vital role in young children's  lives. One disheartening factor that I have witnessed is the development of big companies running even bigger Family Day Care Schemes. I have found that this leads to a loss of the personal touch that I was a part of when I first began in this industry.

    I have been with Empowered FDC since February 2019 and I am once again noticing the benefits of being with a standalone scheme. It is family owned and run and this makes a huge difference to their perspective of the industry and how to look after their Educators. The support and contact when you need it is there and it's that level of personal  interaction and consideration that makes them stand out in my opinion.

  • Liana, Empowered FDC Educator


    Liana's Service Philosophy -  As an Early Childhood Educator I believe the first five years of a child’s life is fundamental in creating security, a sense of belonging, self-esteem, basic education, autonomy, independence and self-discipline. These principals and practices are embedded into our daily routine with the children in my care with the aim of assisting them to reach their full potential. By providing an educational program which provides suitable resources in the learning environment, children are given the opportunity to learn from their decisions/actions, while being able to make their own choices, within the limits of ensuring safety of themselves and those around them. Open communication, transparency and supporting the diversity of all children and families is essential to ensure each of the children in my care become confident, engaged and succeed in the Early Years; an important factor and one which I take very seriously as an Early Childhood Educator.   

    Why do you love being part of the Empowered Community?          I love being a part of the Empowered community because I feel like I belong, am supported and not alone. Being a family day care educator can feel lonely at times, as we are all working in separate locations. However Victoria, BJ and the team use private social media and email platforms for us to all stay connected each day, share ideas and encourage us.

    I feel supported and encouraged to grow as an educator and continue to learn new things. There is professional development at my finger tips and a wealth of knowledge from everyone that is openly shared. Empowered strive to really empower their educators so that we can then empower the children.  The EFDCS team always put in that extra bit of love and care into what they do and the way that educators are cared for. I think this is really important in family day care.   This is my second scheme in just 1.5 years and I’m so grateful I made the move as it is much more professional, organised and allows me to ensure I maintain departmental standards of care with the right guidance.

  • Liz - SUNSHINE COAST, FDC Educator since 1996 - Diploma


    Lizzie's Service Philosophy - I believe working in partnerships with families is vital to the development and growth of every child. I welcome and value every families input in their child's learning and see the parent as the child's first teacher which is a theory strongly supported by Malaguzzi and one that I implement in my children's learning and development. I believe sharing children’s learning experiences with them assists them to see me as a positive role model and Educator. I believe children learn through play which is intertwined with their learning and development supported by many early childhood theorists I strive to provide environments which enhance each child's individuality and encourage ongoing learning and skills that can be used later in life. Each and every child is unique and my aim as an educator is to implement educational programs that are responsive to the children's needs and useful to their lives. This is supported through my environment which I aim to showcase spaces and learning that reflect both individual and group activities that can be easily engaged in by the children to promote and extend on their interests. 

    Why do you love being part of the Empowered FDC Community? At Empowered Family Day Care Service, we as Educators are always supported. We belong to a supportive environment and I feel grateful to be a part of this community. The visits from our coordination team are tailored to suit each of our individual needs as Educators. We receive the assistance we request and need in a non-judgmental way, which allows me to grow personally and professionally as an Educator. One of the main highlights for me is that every member of the Empowered team knows the children I have in care. They always use the children’s name and make the effort to develop reciprocal relationships with every one of the children. 

    As Educators, we are provided with a range of community outings, professional development and mentoring opportunities such as Bush & Beach Kindy, and supporting sustainability and loose parts.  Having a service that embraces these types of play, supports me in my role as an Educator, ensuring the children’s learning and development are at the forefront of my practices.  


  • Leanne, Empowered FDC Educator - Sunshine Coast


    Leanne's Service Philosophy -  Children are the future and need to be treated with Love, Respect, Patience and Positive guidance. I offer the children a program which is fun, educational, rewarding, and enjoyable, which also teaches them values. I create a warm, friendly, relaxed, homely atmosphere, which the children thrive in and the parents feel comfortable in. I believe respect for each child and their families is paramount and is expressed through listening, observing, and interacting with families. I recognise that family is the child’s first and most important teacher. Parents are viewed as partners, collaborators, and advocates for their children. I involve and invite parents into every aspect of the curriculum. I embrace cultural diversity, respecting family’s diverse values, beliefs, cultural backgrounds, traditions, life experiences and knowledge. Families are encouraged to share their cultures, language, and experiences.  

    Why do you love being part of the Empowered FDC Community? The communication, support and encouragement from the team members, is why I chose to be part of this amazing FDC Service. Having a FDC Service, who is knowledgeable, appreciates its educators, are committed to sourcing and advise educators of relevant training and professional development opportunities is very important. Consistently reviewing and improving their policies and practices to ensure they are meeting and exceeding regulations and requirements. I love that EFDCS processing time sheets and administering the Australian Government CCS family payments are regular and that they go above and beyond to ensure Educators are supported financially.

    What I love about being an Empowered FDC Educator is having the scheme Empower, not just support their Educators. EFDCS encourage growth, goals, individuality and personal strengths and show respect for the work and practice of their FDC Educators and support and guide them to continually reflect and grow as Early Childhood professionals. Empowered have offered me all of the above and their determination, growth and enthusiastic support, enrich me and my service on my journey in this industry.

  • Angie, Empowered FDC Educator - SUNSHINE COAST


    Angie's Service Philosophy - It is my belief, at Great Expectations Family Day Care, that each child is a unique and a special individual who needs affection, laughter and encouragement and who brings enjoyment to their family and community and within a safe, loving, respectful environment, children have the greatest opportunity to grow and develop. Such an environment should be the foundation of all child care services, however, I believe it is my duty as an educator, to go above and beyond safety, love and respect. I believe it is my responsibility to strive to create an environment that is fulfilling, enriching and supporting of all possible learning and growing opportunities. 

    Why do you love being part of the Empowered FDC Community? It is such an honour being part of the Empowered FDCS. Moving schemes was not a decision I too lightly, however choosing Empowered was the best decision I could have made. From the Directors to the Coordinators to fellow educators, everyone is there to support encourage and support each other.  The EFDCS team are always there to answer any questions ( no question is ever to silly) and they assist with PD, fun days, accounts and in so many other areas that are too many to name. All the Coordinators are encouraging and supportive and when on visits , they don’t visit just to see if everything is perfect but actual come to see us, to see how we are all going, if we need help and to interact with the children in care. This is in itself is a major change for me personally and I truly appreciate it.

    My fellow Educators are also a source or encouragement via private Facebook pages and during playgroups. It is so nice to have this support. Even though we all have our own separate businesses, the respect for each other’s work, support, giving of ideas and encouraging words are always there. The Whole Empowered Community are a family, who are there for one another , which makes for an amazing extended working environment.  

  • Kellie, Empowered FDC Educator - Sunshine Coast


    Kellie's Service Philosophy - At Mummy Bear Family Day Care our aim is to provide a warm, safe and fun environment, allowing children to develop their intellectual, creative, social and physical skills at their own pace. Every child is unique and by offering a play based curriculum using the Early Years Learning Framework I work closely with families to identify individual goals to support children to achieve their milestones. Providing an environment which provokes learning and opportunities for social connections, creative engagements and meaningful experiences gives children the necessary skills and self-confidence they need to be active lifelong learners.

    Why do you love being part of the Empowered FDC Community?  I love being part of Empowered FDCS because they treat you like family. They are very supportive to myself and my families and if I need anything they are there. I get to go out in the community with my FDC Children and to experience life and being part of the community. I know I have the support from my co-ordinator when needed and have attended several Professional Development courses already since starting with Empowered (June 2019). I feel I can be the Educator I have always wanted to be with Empowered FDCS with support every step of the way.

    I know from personal experience that they believe in me and my FDC and I have been welcomed into this amazing FDC family. Empowered offers more one on one time to Educators when needed and I  have been able to create an amazing educational program for my FDC children, due to the experiences/events available such as; Inter-generational playgroups/ bush-beach kindy/ EFDCS playgroups and so many other opportunties to be involved in.

  • Alana, Empowered FDC Educator - Toowoomba


    Why do you love being part of the Empowered FDC Community? I feel accepted by the EFDCS. I know that I am valued as an Educator & part of the Empowered Community. I’m not just another name on a list. I love the community they have built, everyone of us have different ideas and teaching styles. We are able to share ideas, problems, activities and group outings with one another without competition. It’s so refreshing!

    I feel proud to be a EFDC Educator as I know that I am supported and encouraged in my work. I know that If I have any concerns or if I need assistance EFDCS will be there to help me until I am happy / comfortable with the outcome. It can be daunting sometimes being in such an important role in children’s lives, but I know with EFDCS being there to support me I can achieve all the goals I have set for myself and my service.

    I have been in childcare for 10 years working in centres and with other FDC schemes. Over this time I have never felt so supported as an Educator. They are great at bringing their community together by offering/suggesting different outings and events for us all come together and enjoy with our children. They’re empathetic, truely caring and compassionate about the people within their service. I can’t thank them enough for accepting me into EFDCS. 

  • Jenna - Sunshine Coast , FDC Educator since 2017 - Certificate III

    Jenna - Sunshine Coast

    Jenna’s Service Philosophy -

    Favourite Quote - “ It takes a Big Heart to Shape little minds.” 

    Why do you love being part of the Empowered FDC Community? ​When I began my Journey as a Family Day Care Educator, EFDCS provided support and guidance through the entire setting up experience and 2years on, these attributes continue alongside many other qualities they demonstrate to "Empower Educators to Empower Children". EFDCS are highly professional and the EFDCS team and Educator’s are passionate about the Industry and inspire one another immensely.

    Although Educators are self employed and have the responsibility of running their own business, being registered with EFDCS really does make you feel like you are part of a valued Team of successful like minded people who listen and care, not only for us as Educators but for the children, families and community within. I am so grateful to be doing what I do, and I am proud to represent Empowered FDC as one of their Educators.  

  • Kristin, Empowered FDC Educator - Toowoomba


    Why do you love being part of the Empowered FDC Community?  I really love the support that BJ and Victoria give their Educators. Encouragement and praise is always given when needed by both the Educators and Admin. I know if I ever have an issue or question it will be dealt with promptly and I will always be kept in the loop. It really feels like family!

    I was previously registered with a ‘big scheme’ and always felt on my own and unsupported. From the first time I met the EFDCS team, they felt like a great fit for me! I always feel like I am being heard when I have questions or concerns, and nothing is ever too hard for them! I am really grateful to have met these awesome people and to receive the encouragement I needed to continue growing in my Family Day Care Service.

    EFDCS offer a Community within their Service. We, the Educators, are all in contact with each other via Facebook and Instagram and it brings with it a wonderful sense of belonging. We can offer encouragement, support and wisdom to each other and it is an awesome feeling to be part of such a wonderful group of people.  

  • Tanya, Empowered FDC Educator - Sunshine Coast


    Why do you love being part of the Empowered FDC Community? ​I transferred to Empowered in June 2019, it was the best decision I've made in my 9.5 years in Family Daycare. I was losing my passion for the job and contemplating leaving the industry altogether. I was tired of paying out money in levies and getting nothing in return.
    The EFDCS team made the transition simple and smooth. I was made to feel part of the team from day one.

    Empowered offers educators ongoing support and networking opportunities. All the EFDCS members are approachable and supportive. My families have all commented on how great it is to see their children enjoying more opportunities to be involved within the community with bush/beach kindy's, intergenerational and scheme playgroups as well as celebrations and calendar events. This is scheme number 4 for me and I feel I've finally found my perfect match!

  • Tam & Carl, Empowered FDC Educator - Sunshine Coast

    Tam & Carl

    Why do you love being part of the Empowered FDC Community?  Empowered give us a sense of belonging, assisting us in the running of our FDC service, offering us advice, keeping us updated at all times of changes, creating and upgrading operations of the service when they see that a change needs to be made. Listening and taking on board our concerns, issues and working together to improve our service ad a whole team.   

    As an Educator we love working in a great team that all respect one another and our own unique qualities and service that we offer our community. Communication with one another, social gatherings, being valued, making children smile have fun and enjoy their beautiful childhoods respecting each little one as they are. EFDCS offers lots of support, open communication taking on board any suggestions that we have.

    We don't travel but we still feel involved in EFDCS social gatherings and events as they visit the local park near us at times so that we can attend special events with the children. The team of amazing Educators and the respect they have with one another and the support they provide to others. Being apart of Empowered makes us feel that someone's always there with us on this wonderful journey of working with children.

  • Leeanne , Empowered FDC Educator - Toowoomba


    Why do you love being part of the Empowered FDC Community? I love being a part of the Empowered Family Day Care team because we are all treated as equals.  We support each other, working together as one with the best interest of our children at the forefront of everything we do.

    I feel supported and valued in my role as an Educator caring, educating and extending upon the needs of our younger generation. Working alongside my families to help their children to reach their full potential is why I love working as a FDC Educator.

    Empowered Family Day Care offers so much more support than any other service, in my opinion based on my experience as an Educator in both Australia and New Zealand. The EFDCS team are very approachable and nothing is ever a problem.

  • Jodie, Empowered FDC Educator - Redland Bay


    Why do you love being part of the Empowered FDC Community?  I like the support that the service gives me, it’s always positive and uplifting. The team are all so approachable and easy to talk to. I love that they share my passion for sustainability, and are always weaving it into personal development and professional development days and the everyday running of my individual FDC business. 

    What I love about being an Empowered FDC Educator is being part of such a highly regarded service, I love the thought that goes into planning events and the constant feeling you are really apart of a big family. 

  • Renae, Empowered FDC Educator - Sunshine Coast


    Why do you love being part of the Empowered FDC Community?  Empowered FDC has a positive team culture. Every Educator and staff member is treated as equals and there is no "I" syndrome. What stands out for me is that the EFDCS team are such advocates for their service.

    What I love about being a FDC Educator is everyone is focused on building genuine relationships with all the children, their families and our own families. Community engagement is important and something Empowered encourage and actively engage in and encourage with Educators and families, which I haven't received elsewhere.

Parent's Testimonials

  • Amy, Arnold & Amity, Empowered Family - Janelle & Craig

    Amy, Arnold & Amity

    What we love about FDC & our Empowered Educator - Janelle and Craig have cared for our daughter, Amity for the past 4 years and play a significant role in her life guiding and developing her learning within their family day care service. We have always valued the home environment created by Janelle and Craig and their respect to nurture Amity's sense of belonging.

    We recognise that she has formed her identity and confidence from the strong foundations established by Janelle providing consistent education and care for Amity from such a young age. Amity loves the engagement and adventures she has whilst in Janelle's care and we value the investment in a hands on, individualised learning approach that Janelle provides through regular excursions, age-appropriate resources as well as taking the time 1:1 to participate in activities that Amity shows an interest in such as board games, bike riding through large canvases of paint as well as setting up outdoor obstacle course challenges.

    We are extremely grateful to Janelle and Craig for the service they offer and appreciate all they do to provide a safe, welcoming place that we see Amity thrive in. Janelle and Craig provide unconditional encouragement & support nurturing the children in their care by embracing each child's individual strengths and creativity.

  • Stephanie C, Empowered Family

    Stephanie C

    I just want to extend our thanks to you and the Empowered team, our transition into care and your service has been such a flawless and positive experience. Your  level of professionalism has been very refreshing. We look forward to having our children in your care and can not thank you enough for all you have done to make our first time in childcare a positive experience for us all. Thankyou.

    December 2019 

Children's Voices

  • Amity, Empowered Schoolie - Janelle & Craig


    I love Nelly & Craigy's because I play games with Craigy and play board games with Nelly! 

    My favourite thing to do outside is jump on the trampoline with the noodles and the balls!

    Amity - Age 5.8yrs

  • Liam, Empowered Schoolie - Janelle & Craig


    My top 10 of what I love about Janelle & Craig's - I can get food whenever I want,  Craigie is my buddy, Janelle and I share resources for school and in care when we need them, I can have whatever for lunch, I have good friends because I have been there over 10 years and have become very good  friends, Craigie is always in my corner, I can play on devices, I can watch Scooby-Doo movies & They are part of my family!

    Liam - Age 12.2 yrs

  • Kai, Empowered Schoolie - Janelle & Craig


    What I love about Janelle & Craig's is that its fun and there’s lots of fun toys.  Its just a fun place to be!

    Kai - Age 8.7 yrs

Children require long, uninterrupted periods of play and exploration - Jean Piaget